Welcome to the era

Bizrupt is a Venture Capital "VC" firm founded by and for founders who invest in technology start-ups at early stages.

Where have we invested?


The world is changing, we are experiencing moments of disruption and digital transformation.

The main growth driver of the Fourth Revolution that we are living in is technology and our main passion is to find ways to support the regional economic development through technology.

Our second passion is to achieve exceptional and substantial returns for our investors.

A new wave of unicorns will be born from emerging economies. We believe that the oversaturation of capital and startups in Sillicon Valley is pushing or causing investments in entrepreneurship that are no longer solving substantial problems.

Private valuations begin to normalize.

70% of United States' most valuable brands were created by immigrants or second generation immigrants.

24 out of 54 main unicorns were founded by immigrants.

The new wave of unicorns will be dominated by sustainable and scalable startups that solve transcendental problems affecting humanity.

By 2025 it's projected that LATAM will reach 15.14 trillion dollars of GDP, so it isn't strange that the region or some countries of the region are one of the main markets for companies such as Coca-Cola, PespsiCo, Citi, Inditex, Twitter, to mention a few.

Therefore we pose the following question:

Why, if we have enough talent and market in Latin America, does not exist proportionality in success stories?

The answer is simple: lack of capital.

Despite the efforts of some governments in the area to encourage economic growth by creating new companies and the fact that there are more angel investors, VC's, accelerators and support programs for entrepreneurs, the investments

are mainly destined for very early stages of startups life, making the closure of capital rounds (Series "A" and subsequent) very complex, therefore companies growth slow down, making them unattractive for acquisition.

Bizrupt seeks to close the existing gap between VC's early stage and big investment funds and / or potential acquirers.

We believe that the key to success of an ecosystem such as Sillicon Valley is being a community driven by founders for founders. Bizrupt seeks to create this transmission of experiences environment and translate it into success stories.

Welcome to the era.®