Bizruptive Solutions

Supports offered to our bizrupters Our business network and financial experience allowed us to incorporate Freeman Financial and Angel's Nest into our team of experts. This combination has become one of our main contributions for all founders who need high profile consultants, helping them to take care of details in: Administration, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Legal, among others.

We are one of the most effective existing accelerators, not only we inject capital into your project, we put at your disposal a group of expert talents in these fundamental issues to ensure the success of your company.

Types of Solutions

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The core of an investment fund is not money, but the deal flow, having the first approach to a potential unicorn is what distinguishes the top VC's from others.

Generally our pipeline originates in a trusting network made up of: associations, incubators, accelerators, founders, angels, advisors and VC’s.

However, we (Bizrupt) are in constant search for the next "NEXT BIG THING", we are always open to new business opportunities and for this reason we have created a step by step application model that allows you to apply in a structured way and to understand all key points in which a fund like us sets its evaluation.